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无论是你还是你爱的人卷入了坦佩的人身伤害事故, you know it can be devastating. 毫无疑问,你和你的家人会感到沮丧, confusion, sometimes desperation, pain, anger, uncertainty, 以及因他人的无知而造成的伤害所带来的经济压力. 你的感觉取决于你受伤的严重程度. 当你的生活被另一个人的行为搅得天翻地时,你应该怎么做的感觉会根据你的感觉和你从那个疏忽的人那里得到的反馈而有所不同. What can you do? 继续阅读一些建议,然后考虑联系一个熟练的坦佩人身伤害律师 Breyer Law Offices, P.C. 在(480)753-4534,以帮助您康复,并获得您和您的家人需要的补偿,使你们的生活重新回到一起.

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  • Get to the doctor immediately, whether that means going to the emergency room, the hospital, 或者你自己的医生——很多时候,我们的客户由于伤势严重,被救护车送到医院;
  • Get rest. 试图去工作或做你通常做的事情可能会导致更多的伤害, or worsen the injuries you already have;
  • Collect everything you can, or have someone do it for you from the accident. This means photos, police reports, medical documents, witness information, and the contact information, and insurance information, for the person who hurt you;
  • Make sure if you have health insurance 你的医疗服务提供者正在为你的健康保险开单;
  • If you are missing work虽然听起来很傻,但从医生那里得到一张丢失的工资通知单是很重要的;
  • Do not give a recorded statement or speak to the adverse insurance company until you speak to an attorney; and
  • Contact an attorney, 即使你认为你不需要一个只是检查你的选择,所以当你决定如何推进你的索赔时,你是完全知情的.

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Personal Injury Accidents

一个人的过失行为可能导致各种各样的事故,具体情况各不相同. Accidents can occur anywhere, even in seemingly safe places, 但有些地点和环境容易发生令人难以置信的危险事故. A personal injury accident or wrongful death in Tempe can result from any of the following:

疏忽大意或不计后果的行为会引起各种各样的交通冲突, workplace accidents, 以及其他造成一人或一群人受伤的事件. In everyday life, 人们通常被赋予以安全合理的方式行事,不危害他人. 这些安全规则包括不酒后驾车等决定, safely operating the machinery one is in charge of, 不要忽视确保财产安全的责任. 当一个人违反这些普通规则时,他们就会把毫无戒心的旁观者置于危险之中.

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Types of Serious Injuries

疏忽或鲁莽的一方不能估计他们所造成的伤害,因为事故的结果往往是偶然的. The results of a Tempe car accident 取决于涉及的因素会有很大的不同,这同样适用于任何其他可能导致伤害的事故. 过失行为造成的各种人身伤害包括:

  • Sprained limbs and joints;
  • Cuts and bruises;
  • Nerve damage;
  • Fractured and/or broken bones;
  • Brain/head injury;
  • Neck injury;
  • Loss of limb;
  • Disfigurement;
  • Paralysis; and
  • Spinal cord injury.

人身伤害会导致各种各样的医疗护理,从预约医生到长期住院. 住院期间因受伤而产生的各种医疗费用, emergency medical care, 而且康复需要一大笔钱. 当一个人由于另一个人的鲁莽和疏忽的行为而受伤, his or her entire life can be turned upside down. 对一个人和他或她的家人来说,受伤的情感代价可能是毁灭性的, but the financial cost can create an even worse situation.

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Choosing an Experienced Tempe Personal Injury Attorney

In order to carry on with life after a devastating injury, victims must seek compensation from the negligent party. 为你的伤害或持续的经济需求赢得足够的赔偿是一个复杂和困难的过程. As such, 受害方需要有经验和敬业的律师来收集证据, prove the responsible party's negligence, and fight for his or her rightful compensation.

许多人认为,他们受伤后,如果伤得很轻,就不需要律师了, people generally do not need an attorney. 即使是轻微的伤害,从经验丰富的伤害律师那里了解你的权利也不会有什么坏处. For sure though when people are seriously injured, 这是非常重要的,你与律师交谈,以了解法律,了解这些法律可能对你的案件产生的影响. 你最不愿意做的事情就是在别人的过失伤害了你之后危及你的权利. Call The Husband and Wife Law Team for a no cost review of your case. 我们的律师会检查你案件的各个方面,并帮助你决定下一步该怎么做, whether that is to file a claim, 诉讼或给你建议如何处理你自己的索赔. Get the right answers right now. Call the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. at (480) 753-4534.

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