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车 Lane Change 摩托车 Accident Lawyers in Phoenix

Hit by Someone Making a Dangerous Lane Change?

Drivers of passenger vehicles and trucks both have blind spots in their side and rearview mirrors. To safely execute a lane change, a driver must first do a head check - physically turn the head to look over the left or right shoulder to ensure the lane is clear. Drivers who fail to do this, or fail to register the presence of a motorcycle in traffic, can lead to accidents and serious or fatal injuries to motorcycle riders when they change lanes.

Riders can sustain serious injuries in a motorcycle or 助力车崩溃 even when travelling at slow speeds, which would only result in a minor collision 对于一个 passenger vehicle. 车s and trucks provide the protection of an enclosed vehicle, which motorcycles lack. Although conscientious riders try to stay alert to drivers who violate their right-of-way, an unsafe lane change by a passenger vehicle driver could result in an unavoidable accident.

If you have been the victim of such an accident, the first action to take is to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. 我们的 Phoenix motorcycle lawyers at 丈夫 and 妻子的法律团队 are happy to provide a free case evaluation and discuss your options under the law.


How Unsafe Lane Changes Cause 摩托车 事故 in Phoenix

Lane-splitting, or riding between the lanes of traffic, is illegal in Arizona. While a majority of motorcycle riders follow the laws, some endanger others by lane-splitting. 然而, motorcycle accidents are more often the fault of the vehicle driver. Drivers have large blind spots, due to the way cars are constructed. When making a turn or merging into another lane, drivers must check these blind spots before moving their car to the side. When they neglect to do this, or neglect to really pay attention when they do check, 它可以 lead to a serious lane change accident.

Drivers may also willfully cause a lane change accident. Some drivers dislike motorcycles, because there is a perception that those on motorcycles break traffic laws or otherwise behave dangerously. This is, of course, untrue. But the animosity may lead to a driver 超速行驶 up when a motorcyclist tries to merge, which can also lead to a catastrophic accident.

最终, when large passenger vehicles or trucks make unsafe lane changes without signaling or looking, 它可以 put motorcycle riders at great risk of injury 或死亡. The motorcyclists may be sideswiped or forced into a dangerous maneuver to avoid being hit, leading to a deadly accident. The rider may have to speed up or slow down quickly or change lanes suddenly, which could result in loss of control or an accident with another vehicle while moving in heavy traffic.


Phoenix 摩托车 Lane Change Accident Case Verdicts:

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The Danger of Lane Change 事故

When motorcycles and passenger vehicles meet, the passenger vehicle is always the one that wins. 车s can weigh upwards of 5,000 pounds; they have four, protective metal walls, as well as airbags and seatbelts to keep passengers safe. 摩托车s, on the other hand, are small, and have next to no safety features. The motorcycle rider is completely exposed to the road and to the cars around him. In the case of a lane charge accident, the biker could be flung from his motorcycle and hit the ground. From there, he could be hit or run over by other cars in the road. Needless to say, the injuries suffered by the motorcyclist would be catastrophic, such as:

Recovering from any of these injuries takes a great deal of time, and even when the injury has healed, you may still be left with a lifelong disability. That is, if you survive the accident. Countless motorcycle riders lose their lives every year due to negligent drivers who don’t check their blind spots. In such a case, the family would file a wrongful death claim, instead of a personal injury one. 然而, whatever claim you end up filing, it will be an uphill battle to overcome the deep bias against motorcycle riders.


Biases Against 摩托车 Riders

There is a stigma in our society that motorcycle riders are risk takers and daredevils. This perception makes motorcycle accident claims incredibly difficult. Insurance companies will do everything they can to avoid paying proper compensation, and one of their many tricks is to pin the blame on the accident victim. This is especially prevalent in motorcycle v. passenger vehicle collisions.

The insurance company will lean into the perception that you are someone who takes risks and doesn’t follow rules. They will likely claim that you broke traffic laws by not following the right-of-way,