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骑自行车的人在车祸中死亡的可能性是其他司机的20多倍而且更有可能遭受改变一生的伤害. This means that any motorist who causes a collision should be held responsible for his actions. 不幸的是,许多摩托车手, simply calling the at-fault insurance company will not be enough to get the compensation they deserve for their injuries. 这就是法律帮助的价值所在.

你的案子是需要调解还是必须通过诉讼, the right Phoenix injury attorney can help you get the compensation you need to take care of yourself, make it through your recovery, and live your life. If you have suffered a 道路碎片造成的摩托车相撞事故, a dangerous lane change, or an intoxicated driver, call Alexis and Mark Breyer at (602) 457-6222 to talk about your legal options.

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Injuries for motorcycle riders can vary greatly depending on the type of accident, the severity of the collision, 以及骑摩托车的人是否被甩了出来.

  • Traumatic brain injuries can be limited in scope, or can cause severe and lasting damage to the victim. 一些低水平的创伤性脑损伤可能引起情绪障碍, insomnia, 以及其他类型的认知问题. 更严重的创伤性脑损伤可能会导致运动技能问题, 不能做早餐或刷牙等日常活动, coma, or death.
  • Spinal cord injuries can result in permanent disability, partial disability, 或者是身体某些部位失去感觉.
  • Degloving occurs when the skin, muscle, nerves, and connective tissue become detached from the bone. 它可能导致手术截肢,并且非常容易感染.
  • Road rash, also known as road burn, occurs when the rider’s skin comes in direct contact with the road while sliding across the ground. The rough pavement and high speeds will cause serious abrasions and possibly remove all three layers of skin at the contact points.
  • Burn injuries - reports indicate that motorcycle riders are four times as likely to sustain burns in a motor vehicle collision than drivers of automobiles. Burn injury victims admitted to the hospital are reported to incur medical costs averaging around $205,000. Crashed motorcycles often leak gas, 如果被点燃,什么会覆盖路面和骑手并导致严重烧伤. The engine and other components may catch on fire or explode, burning anyone close by.
  • Internal injuries and 胳膊和腿严重骨折 may also render a motorcycle accident victim unable to work for months or even years.

所有这些损伤都会给患者带来慢性疼痛, 需要延长治疗, 导致身体和精神上的痛苦, and a loss of income. This makes it critical for those who have been injured in a crash to not only seek medical help after an accident, but also legal help.

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Motorcycle Accident Injury Review
从第一次接触到最后一次, dealing with everyone at The Husband and Wife Law Team has greatly exceeded my expectations.
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How Can a Crash Change Your Life?

很难想象,即使是在受伤之后,你的生活将会发生怎样的变化. 对于那些在几周内痊愈的受伤患者, months, or a year, 有很多不便, pain, and money spent on treatment. After that, as long as there is no chronic pain, they will be able to move on with their lives. This does not mean that your accident is less important or that you do not deserve to be compensated for the injuries you sustained. A 熟练的凤凰人身伤害律师 can help you determine whether or not you have a case and will work hard to ensure that you get all the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.

那些遭受长期伤害的人, 比如创伤性脑损伤或脊髓损伤, 变化可能会更突然, more dramatic, and more lasting ways:

  • 失去照顾自己的能力, 包括不能自己穿衣服, 不能自己做饭, do laundry, get in and out of bed, or do other daily activities, like tying your own shoes.
  • 失去了做你曾经喜欢的活动的能力. Many individuals who sustain serious injuries in motorcycle accidents are unable to continue riding a motorcycle or driving a car. In addition, if you were an active individual, you may no longer be able to run, play sports, dance, 或者和你的孩子或孙子一起去公园.
  • 无法继续在事故发生前的工作岗位上工作. This is especially true for those who were working in jobs that required sitting or standing for long periods of time, and even more so for those victims who were working in jobs that require a great deal of physicality. Nurses, doctors, restaurant servers, and construction workers jobs may not be possible anymore.
  • 没有疼痛,没有帮助,没有治疗,没有药物,就无法生活. Many individuals who sustain serious injuries in a motorcycle crash spend the rest of their lives on medication for pain and complications associated with their injuries. In addition, therapy needs may create a schedule that limits your life choices even further. For instance, 如果你患有脊髓损伤,需要每周治疗, 你可能再也不能去度假了, 还有那些有创伤性脑损伤的人, flying on an airplane may become uncomfortable due to the excess pressure in the cabin.

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The best thing you can do after a motorcycle crash to start getting your life back on track is to call the 凤凰摩托车事故律师 at The Husband and Wife Law Team. 我们对法律有深刻的理解. 我们想让你得到所有必要的补偿来过你的生活, 支付你无法工作时无法支付的账单.

Do not trust an insurance company – their job is to settle a case for as little as possible, and this may leave you with less compensation than you need to pay for your recovery. 联系一位熟练的人身伤害律师 as soon as possible after your accident. bt365手机下载首页的每一起事故都由一个 statute of limitations. 这意味着经过一段时间之后, you will be unable to file a claim to help you recover the costs of your accident.

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We can ensure you receive only the highest level of care available from specialized doctors and treatment centers. We work hard to make sure the crash evidence and eyewitness testimonies are all documented as soon as possible. 当证据丢失时,它可能会对受害者的主张造成伤害. 你的要求是否成功将取决于事实, 所以在一开始尽可能多地写下信息, 当一切都在你的脑海中清晰的时候. 把证人的名字存档,交给你的律师. 还有,写下你对事故的描述. Other records you may want to obtain or keep include photos of the accident site and your injuries, your medical records, 还有医生对你伤势的描述, your pain, and your suffering.

Most importantly, never allow an insurance company or another party to bully you or convince you that you should not talk to a lawyer. You have the right to have your case reviewed before you enter into any agreements. 你们达成的所有协议都具有法律约束力, and our 熟练的凤凰人身伤害律师s at The Husband and Wife Law Team will work in your best interests to ensure that you receive the compensation you need to recover from the damages you suffered. 详情请致电(602)457-6222.

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