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博客家 汽车保险 谁对骑单车乘客负有注意义务?



Nothing is as freeing as riding on the back of a motorcycle. We should know; 丈夫 and Wife Law Team are motorcycle enthusiasts ourselves. But for passengers, as thrilling as it can be, they are also the most exposed on Arizonan roadways. 这意味着, 如果你卷入了一场碰撞, you are completely at the mercy of the person handling the motorcycle and the other driver. This can make it especially confusing once it comes time to file a claim. 谁的责任险对你负责? 他们的两个? 既不? 你有权利起诉他们中的任何一个吗?


在讨论摩托车事故时, most law firms focus on the motorcycle rider and the driver of the other vehicle, 而乘客往往会被遗弃在路边. 这是因为, 在一次摩托车事故索赔中, the focus is primarily on the lead riders and other drivers. 他们对事故如何发生有最大的控制权, 因此往往会有最多的过错. 摩托车上的乘客可能会遇到一些故障, but it is very rare that a passenger causes an accident. 在大多数情况下, claims will deal with the lead rider’s actions first and what their rights are to compensation.

But because of how devastating a motorcycle accident can be 对于一个 passenger, we 布雷耶bt365手机下载首页.C. believe that it is important to explain to you your rights after an accident. Since passengers cannot control a motorcycle in a collision, all they can do is hold on tight to the lead rider and hope for the best. 可悲的是,最好的事情通常不会发生. 乘客可能会被甩下摩托车,受罪 腿部挤压伤, and face catastrophic trauma in their shoulders, neck, and upper back, alongside other common 摩托车的伤害.

A serious motorcycle injury can bankrupt anyone who has to pay them out of pocket. That is why determining if you can file an accident claim is so important. Compensation in a motorcycle claim can help you cover your medical expenses, 以及其他类型的损害, so that you can focus on healing and getting back on your feet.

一般来说, 乘客受伤的摩托车 是否包含在附加人的保险单内, 意思是如果是骑手造成了碰撞或碰撞, 然后你可以申请他们的责任保险. 除了, if you are injured because of another negligent driver or rider, 然后你可以向他们的保险公司提出索赔. Because it is difficult to find passengers negligent 对于一个ccidents, you may have more of a claim than most other people in an accident. 然而, 保险可能会变得复杂, and you should be aware of how these policies apply to you.


Since most motorcycle passengers are also avid motorcyclists themselves, 他们通常有自己的保险政策. 这取决于你的政策的性质, 你可能有医疗保险, which can cover a portion of your medical expenses if you are in an accident, 不管你或领队是否有错. This policy can also be used in conjunction with your health insurance policy in order to ensure you receive the most amount of coverage in an accident.

然而, even if you are not a motorcyclist and only ride as a passenger, you may still be covered under your own auto insurance policy or the lead rider’s, 取决于你们的关系. If you are a part of the same household, the lead rider’s Medpay coverage may apply to your injuries. You can also receive compensation from your uninsured and underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) policy, 如果过失司机保险的上限较低.

在耗尽你自己的保险选择之后, you may also be able to file an accident claim against either the lead rider or another driver, 这取决于谁承担了大部分的过错. 例如, 如果你卷入了一场单车事故, the lead rider may have been at fault for riding recklessly, 超速行驶, 或者轮流太急. In these instances, your claim would be filed against their liability insurance.

We understand if you do not want to file a claim against a friend or fellow rider, but please understand that you are only filing against their insurance company. Their liability policies are designed to provide coverage 对于一个nyone injured in an accident, 包括你. You should always focus on getting yourself proper compensation.

除了, if another driver caused the accident, your claim would be against their policy. There is any number of ways a driver can cause a motorcycle accident, 开车时发短信, 喝酒, 或者无视交通法规. Because it is hard to find a passenger at fault, your claim may be more clear-cut against the driver.

在任何情况下, 如果你是一场摩托车事故的乘客, you likely need strong legal guidance about how to move forward with a claim. 要做到这一点,你需要联系 凤凰摩托车事故律师 布雷耶bt365手机下载首页.C. Our lead attorneys are motorcyclists themselves and have an in-depth perspective on how to file a successful claim. We can sit down with you in a 免费的咨询服务 and discuss all your worries and concerns about dealing with insurance companies and represent you throughout the claims process. 请致电(602)457-6222了解更多信息.


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